TriggerEX Team


Andy Dahl, Co-Founder/CEO

Andy has been responsible for daily operations since TiWi’s founding in 2007, including managing the SaaS TriggerEX Ad Delivery Platform development efforts and the growth of the web and mobile network.  Andy brings an entrepreneurial perspective and over 20 years of sales and business development expertise focused on the presentation of digital content and its impact on consumers’ desire to purchase.  He has served as a featured speaker in a variety of industry forums, most recently at the Independent Free Papers of America’s annual conference in Nashville, on the topic of the Web 2.0 social media dialogue and how it is fundamentally changing the approach to online consumers.  Andy has a solid grounding as a “behavioral” scientist since earning a B.S. in Zoological Science from Southern Utah University, and an additional B.S. in Biological Science from Augustana College.

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Dave Dahl, Co-Founder/President

Dave, with nearly 40 years of being on-the-air and serving as Chief Meteorologist for KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, has built one of the most responsive and accurate weather tracking operations in the industry - and a preferred and trusted source for complete weather information.  Dave’s motivation to build TiWi is grounded on this personal mission as a trusted advisor.  He recognized in the early 2000’s that the market need was tremendous for online weather solutions that were informative, fun to use, and a real value-add for media web sites.  Dave also envisioned how such solutions could simultaneously satisfy Web advertisers’ critical need – a non-traditional online ad space that was more engaging, interactive and productive in generating sales growth.  Dave has received the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval for television and radio weather broadcasting, and in 1998 was named Broadcaster of the Year.  He produced a tornado-chasing documentary for The Weather Channel; a special weather report on The Discovery Channel; and received an Emmy Award in 2003 for Single Newscast.  Dave earned his degree in meteorology from Florida State University.

Julie Dahl, Co-Founder/Accountant

Julie has managed the accounting department for TiWi Digital since 2007.  She has been responsible for providing timely financial reporting to the entire firm as well as to the board of directors.  As a part of a growing company she has also been responsible for human resources and marketing.  Julie earned a degree from Rasmussen Business College and prior to TiWi was responsible for management of the advertising budget for Northwest Airlines, Minneapolis.

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Dave Dew, Front-End Development

Since 2003, David has worked for two different web agencies and now owns one himself. Over the years he has focused on improving his skills with web design, development and production management. He has tackled projects ranging as small as 15 minute designs to several thousand hour custom development applications. Being a jack of all trades has lead him to be known for being the person who can bridge the communication gulf between programmers and idea makers. For TriggerEx, Dave brings a new level of ad design, ad data interaction, interface enhancements and application project management.

Gary Alton, Application Development

Gary has led TiWi’s application development efforts since its inception.  His expertise developed over the past fifteen years includes website blueprints with advanced functionality for web content creation, identity design, and custom programming to advance solutions for any corporate communication challenge.  Gary has helped create successful online businesses, and has worked closely with production teams to produce hundreds of quality websites with enhanced code bases for proprietary content management systems.  He brings to TiWi a deep understanding of programming frameworks and an ability to utilize cloud-based services to create scalable infrastructure.  Gary’s insights serve a key role in developing our TriggerEX Ad Delivery Platform through interactive media, social networks and mobile applications.