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TriggerEX increases digital and mobile advertising engagements by delivering "In The Moment" ad messages to desktop and mobile users.

Celebrating 10 Years In Business!

10 Years in business

Thank you for your support and advice, for your recognition of development opportunities and creative thinking, and for your business! When we began in 2007 we were one of the first to provide a product that we called "weather-ad modules". Our clients included TV, Radio and Newspaper publishers. These modules, which could be managed from one central location, contained everything from current temperatures and 7-day forecasts, to proprietary interactive radar maps…and an advertisement. While delivering these weather-ad modules we discovered that the value of this content was more than just the weather, it was also in the advertisement that ran alongside the weather. We found that when you connect an advertisement to weather conditions the relevance and visibility increased the effectiveness of the ad exponentially. The interest level in this type of delivery became so great that it was necessary to build a platform to expedite the campaign setup. It was for this reason that we developed the TriggerEX ad delivery platform. Today, TriggerEX is our focus. It expedites triggered-ad campaign setup and deployment and has expanded well beyond weather. The platform now consumes live data from a wide variety of categories including sports, financial data, real-estate, and twitter posts and delivers a timely and relevant advertisement based on the content of that data. And millions of triggered ads are now taking advantage of the TriggerEX ad platform every month!


Increased Relevance

Our technology is an ad-delivery enhancement tool designed to deliver more relevant ads to consumers across multiple platforms including ad exchanges. That’s right, with TriggerEX you can now deliver triggered advertising across ad exchanges! You want access to specific audience segments with the flexibility to target varying geographies and volumes and you want to maintain the productivity of direct buy but do so using an ad exchange, with TriggerEX you can have all of that.

  • Serve the Perfect Creative

    Upload multiple ad creatives with triggers allowing specific ads to appear at the most relevant time. For example, a coffee company could advertise its cold beverages in areas experiencing warm weather, while simultaneously delivering hot beverage messages in cool climates.

  • Easy to Configure

    TriggerEX is a platform which you can manage if you choose via your own private account or we’re happy to assist. You can upload as many ad creatives as you’d like, assign triggers to each ad individually, track metrics continuously, and manage all of this under one ad tag for placement into the ad delivery platform of your choice. TriggerEX ads can be delivered seamlessly to both direct and ad exchanges and can include any data point about a website visitor, from political interests to buying habits, to weather conditions and sports scores.

Stop wasting impressions

You no longer have to rely on chance or time of year to deliver the most relevant ad to your target audience, with TriggerEX you can upload as many ad creatives as you’d like, these ads can cover the gamut of conditions for delivery, and thanks to the automated platform your most impactful and engaging ad will be delivered in-the-moment.

  • Get The Most From Your Ad Spend

    Know with confidence that your ad is delivered timely and to an audience that can do something with it. Stop serving convertible automobile ads to locations currently experiencing rain, sleet, thunderstorms, and cool temps. Stop serving "Travel to Warm Destinations" ads to places where the temps are in the 80’s under sunny skies.

  • Drill Down and Layer In

    Drill deeper to deliver a specific message to your target audience. TriggerEX allows you the flexibility to include a wide-ranging series of ads so when the trigger variable that you’ve chosen is met the appropriate ad is delivered. Layer in multiple targeting technologies. TriggerEX works well when applied with additional targeting criteria such as first and third party data & retargeting producing deep contextual advertisements.


TriggerEX Features

A sampling of the many features of TriggerEx.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can be current and/or forecast and can include alerts, precipitation types and probabilities, wind speeds, temperatures, and more.

Multiple Triggers

Triggers can be assigned individually or stacked on top of each other.

FLash & HTML5

Flash & HTML5 capable (Video support coming soon)

Easy to Customize

Use your own ad design or use our creative design template to assist in the creation and when choosing to stamp-in the triggered data.

Unlimited Creatives

Place as many creatives as you’d like in the platform all managed by one ad tag.


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